What do you ask yourself before entering a conversation?

The problem in business is people don't prepare enough for their conversations. In this episode of Conversations About Conversations, I discuss 11 Questions I ask myself before I enter a conversation.  I ask these questions of myself as I prepare because I want to have extraordinary and optimal conversations—not ordinary and mediocre ones 

"You're not good enough to wing it"

“You're not good enough to wing it,” said my mentor to me. My father provided his point of view, “He doesn’t sound like your mentor—he sounds like your tormentor.” 

In this 4 minute episode of Conversations About Conversations, I discuss what I took away from this experience and what you should do to become more effective in your professional conversations.

The Problem with: "Did I catch You At A Good Time?"

The topic for this 5 minute video is opening lines in business conversations. In the video, I discuss the problems with the commonplace phrase, “Did I catch you at a good time?” and also put forth the core strategy for what I recommend doing instead. 

The Point of asking questions

What is the point of asking questions? Here’s three minutes of reflection on using questions skillfully: when to use a closed-ended question versus an open-ended question and how being cognizant of your question type can help you to forward the action in a conversation. 

Be prepared and focus on needs

 Here’s 99 seconds on what I talk about in meetings with clients that last two hours or longer. 

It's listening that makes the difference.

 40 seconds on my soapbox discussing why listening separates the ordinary relationship manager from the extraordinary one.

Become a better listener by stopping yourself from talking

 It's very important to listen. I share four easy to use strategies in this 1 minute 14 second video.  Enjoy. 

Conversations About Conversations

Excited about using the resources in my book about clearing up misunderstandings.


Keynote Address

Conversations: How to Manage Your Business Conversations One Conversation at a Time. 

Custom Tailored Workshops

Conversations Labs: Practice sessions and instruction on how to apply important concepts.

Conference Calls

 Group Coaching: Strategy Development and Implementation of Key Ideas and Principles.